2-pack of soothing swaddles


Pack of 2 soothing swaddles.

You can also order one individual soothing swaddle.

We also offer a video pack containing two swaddles!

Simplify your life and make sure you always have a dry bath swaddle ready with lilititi’s 2-pack of bath swaddles!

Even though its organic cotton is quick-drying, the swaddle takes time to dry after the bath. If you have two, you’ll never have to worry about having a swaddle available when your baby needs to be soothed. Whether it is in or out of the bath, swaddling calms your baby, reminding him of the sensations from inside the womb.


Data sheet

One size
Combed organic cotton (OEKO-TEX 1)
Machine wash warm. Do not bleach. Hang dry. (Optional: may be ironed but only at the lowest setting (less than 110C/230°F), no steam if possible)
2 organic cotton bath swaddles, each with storage bag