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<h2 class="indexBlocDroit1">Swaddling is essential to help baby learn to self-soothe.</h2>
<p class="indexBlocDroit1">You may feel discouraged when confronted with your newborn fussing and upset especially at bath time. For self-discovery and to find security, your baby needs, from birth, to create a secure parental attachment. This attachment is one of baby’s fundamental needs, bonding is essential for your baby. Any feelings of anxiety disappear the moment you appear. Your baby will develop different coping strategies depending on how he or she is cared for. Throughout all of this learning, your baby is in the process of developing this secure attachment.<br /><br />The swaddle covers every part of the newborn body, with the exception of the head and the stabilizing arm for bath (which you securely grip between the thumb and index finger). Soaping is only necessary in the hair and diaper area.</p>
<h2 class="indexBlocDroit1">Swaddling brings calm and comfort to the baby</h2>
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<p class="indexBlocDroit1">The benefits of <b>swaddling</b> are well-known. The newborn, contained and supported in a blanket, becomes calmer and more relaxed, and relative to a traditional bath has been shown to exhibit:<br /> - less body temperature decrease<br />- more stable heart rate and oxygen saturation<br /> - less crying<br />- less stress for the newborn (not to mention the person giving the bath)<br /><br />Many maternity wards in the world, and most notably in the US, have adopted <b>swaddled bathing</b> of newborns as standard practice.</p>
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