Recommendations for proper use ...

Using the lilititi soothing swaddle is easy, just follow these 3 or 4 steps to wrap your newborn.

IMPORTANT : never leave a baby alone in the bath for even a few seconds. See all the information on the page : For bathing and soothing.

Before the first use, remember to wash the envelope at 40°C.
Etape 1
Open the swaddle on a flat, comfortable and secure surface. Unfold the flap downwards.
Etape 2
Place your baby in the heart of the swaddle : the head should always remain outside the swaddle. The folded legs go into the lower pocket first (on the flap side).
Etape 3
With the arms folded over the chest (fœtal position), bring up the flap over each shoulder, when wrapped in this way, baby will feel better "held" and more peaceful.
Etape 4
Only in the bath*
Free up baby's arm by which you will keep him safely in the water (with the so-called "safety" clamp between the thumb and forefinger under the newborn's armpit). Gently bathe your baby by lulling him. Remove the swaddle gradually as the bath progresses and leave it in the water.
*Always keep the water temperature at 37°C
Your newborn is ready for a soothing moment or a swaddle bath. 

The Lilititi soothing wrap is made of organic cotton, soft (combed cotton), supple, malleable and elastic, it is safe for your child... (no fastenings, buttons, clips, press studs, velcro, ...).

it can be washed at 40° and dries quickly. 

How to wash a baby in the Lilititi swaddle ?

The first toilets are limited to the baby's hair, the seat and sometimes certain folds (neck, arms, armpits, etc..) In terms of the products to use, there is only one piece of advice : follow the recommendations given at the maternity hospital.

1 After following the 4 steps of the tutorial to wrap baby, and having released the arm that serves as a support, gently bring the baby into his bath  (temperature 37°C).
2 Wash baby's head, then lift the bib and delicately slide your hand between baby's skin and the swaddle, which is soft and elastic, to wash the seat and folds.
3 Finaly, with one hand (the other hand holding the baby) carefully remove the enveloppe that remains in the bath.
4 Take baby out of the water and dry him in his bathrobe.