The story of lilititi

The lilititi bath swaddle story is one of babies, professionals, and friendships…
Catherine and Jean-Jacques have been friends for 25 years. Though they have worked in different fields throughout their careers, they always promised each other that “one day” they would start a business together.

For almost one year, 2015-2016, a team from France Television working on a show called “Les Maternelles” reported several stories from the Saint-Cloud hospital maternity ward.

One of these stories, aired in September of 2016, featured Catherine, an infant care specialist, who regularly gave swaddled baths to calm and soothe the newborns.

In November, Catherine reminded Jean-Jacques about this show and the benefits of swaddled bathing. In addition, she mentions the desires and needs of new parents: LIGHTBULB MOMENT…

In January of 2017, Jean-Jacques, who is a papa and even a grandpa, and who is definitely not a sewing expert, put together a blanket with a Christmas ribbon and gave it to Catherine. Catherine, with her professional eye and experience, added a flap and adjusts the blanket onto a plastic doll. And voilà, the beginning of the lilititi story.

After long months of trials and error, testing many prototypes, which were this time created by professional seamstresses and seamsters, the lilititi bath swaddle saw daylight at the end of 2017.

In 2018, Catherine tried the swaddle on real babies (with the agreement of the parents of course) and finalized its design.

At the end of 2018, success! Parents began to ask where they could find the bath swaddle. And so the swaddle was launched!

As in many cases, intelligence, creativity, etc. function better across many brains than in just one. Catherine, Jean-Jacques and their friends (mothers, fathers, pediatricians, infant care specialists, journalists, graphic artists…) refine and polish the creation and launch of the lilititi adventure.

At the beginning of 2019, the company lilititi was registered in Versailles, the patent application was sent in, we came to an agreement with a French manufacturer, and the website was created: the adventure begins!

The lilititi bath swaddle: the story of a French creation
In Hauts-de-France, the northernmost region of France, in a town called Saint-André-lez-Lille, the factory that makes our bath swaddles, the Société LEMAHIEU, is known as a specialist in weaving, knitting and embroidery. This company has been an independent French manufacturer since 1947, and production and quality control take place entirely within their system. This 100% French production means completely dependable quality that easily fulfills the requirements for OEKO-TEX certifications (at an independent laboratory).

The lilititi bath swaddle has received the OEKO-TEX certification Standard 100, Product class I, (for textiles intended for use by babies or children under 36 months, that is, the class with the strictest standards) with certificate number CQ 1184/2 IFTH.

The men and women of this organization don’t only create these “Made in France” bath swaddles; they also share our values of constant striving for excellence and of “Guaranteed French Origin.”

Lilititi’s bath swaddle is undyed and unbleached. Its off-white color is natural and helps preserve nature.

Our team and the team at LEMAHIEU are proud to work together supporting our economy and the environment.

La fabrication de l'enveloppe de bain Lilititi