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One soothing swaddle.

If you wish to purchase several soothing swaddles, there is also a 2-pack of swaddles which costs less per swaddle.

We also offer a video pack containing two swaddles – a unique and original gift!

The lilititi soothing swaddle is made from organic cotton and is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Product class 1.

Invented, developed and produced in France, the soothing swaddle allows you to cocoon your newborn for a calming and peaceful bath.

The soothing swaddle can also be used to calm your baby anytime outside the bath. He or she is enclosed in soft cotton, where he feels cocooned just like they were in the womb.

Each swaddle undergoes strict quality control to guarantee you a product that is safe and durable.


Data sheet

One size
Combed organic cotton (OEKO-TEX 1)
Machine wash warm. Do not bleach. Hang dry. (Optional: may be ironed but only at the lowest setting (less than 110C/230°F), no steam if possible)
1 organic cotton bath swaddle with storage bag