of Lilititi

Proud and happy to have been part of this adventure!

As soon as we created our cocoon swaddle (which would later become the soothing swaddle), we had only one desire : to try it!

My little Edan was already too big to enjoy it, so I had to wait...

I followed very closely all the testimonies, with photos, that mothers and fathers sent back to us after using it, it was a real joy...

Julia et Ella
Julia and Ella

And then, time passed, today it's my turn to be on the other side. I carefully packed my maternity suitcase and of course my Lilititi swaddle.

My little Ella came into the world, as soon as she had her second bath she was able to enjoy her cocoon of soothing, she didn't cry for a second, she relaxed immediately...
Ella seemed so soothed and zen that she even fell asleep completely in the water, it was with great regret that the midwife and I took her out of her bath as she was so rested, fulfilled, abandoned ..... too well !

You can't imagine the pleasure of seeing your baby so relaxed and zen... it's pure happiness in its raw state...                                                                           

I am proud and happy to have participated in this adventure and this beautiful creation.