Step-by-step instructions…

Using the soothing swaddle is easy, just follow these three or four steps:
Etape 1
Place the swaddle on a safe and flat surface (make sure the surface is not too hard!). Pull the flap toward the bottom.
Etape 3
Put baby inside the swaddle, facing you, with head at the top, outside the swaddle. Fold your baby’s legs into the pocket at the bottom, and place his or her arms where they naturally fold near the chest, with hands near the mouth (foetal position).
Etape 5
Bring up the flap and tuck it in gently, taking care not to cover baby’s face; the head must stay outside the swaddle.
Etape 6
Only for a bath*
Bring out one arm, which will be where the adult giving the bath will hold baby steady. (Safety position: Wrap thumb and index finger around baby’s arm.)
*in water no warmer than 98.6˚F/37˚C
Your newborn is ready for a swaddled bath or a moment of soothing.

The lilititi soothing swaddle is made from organic cotton. It is soft (combed cotton), flexible and stretchy, and poses no risks to your baby (no zips, snaps, staples, buttons, velcro…).

The swaddle can be machine-washed at 40°C and will be ready to use again after 8-10 hours.