L'enveloppe de bain Lilititi pendant un bain enveloppé

Parents may often feel discouraged when confronted with a fussy newborn at bath time. Many paediatricians and nurses assert that newborns experience a great deal of anxiety, which may not be obvious to us as adults. Being so new to the world, they haven’t yet developed a sense of orientation or a relationship to their own bodies. Just a few weeks prior to this, they had been warm and contained in their mothers' bellies as foetuses, with time to discover themselves slowly. In the last few weeks of pregnancy, the future newborn was rolled in a ball, head down and limbs folded into his or her body. Birth stretched out this foetal position: the baby was no longer contained. Their bodies may feel like they are constantly falling. In some cases, newborns demonstrate uncontrolled movements throughout their bodies, called Moro reflexes (natural defence reflexes, vestiges of our primate evolution, that can result in crying, shrieking, and general agitation).

Swaddling a baby brings back feelings of safety from before birth, warm in mother’s belly. It is an almost magical way to soothe, reassure, and help your baby to adapt. Many people use folded muslin squares or blankets to swaddle their babies. The disadvantage of this system is that it is difficult to make it perfect.

The lilititi soothing swaddle makes swaddling simple even at bath time. Contained in the swaddle, enveloped in soft cotton, your baby may recall some of the sensations from the last weeks in the womb. Made of unbleached, undyed organic combed cotton, it poses no risks to your baby (no zips, snaps, staples, buttons, velcro…). The soothing swaddle allows you to safely bathe and soothe your baby in warm water (maximum temperature 98.6˚F/37˚C).